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Grove Clinic is run by Monika Becker HP who is a German-trained Practitioner for Alternative Therapies ("Heilpraktikerin") who specializes in combining a number of different therapies to meet the unique needs of the client and so addresses a wide range of health issues..

Specifically focussed

Whether one calls them Holistic, Alternative, complimentary or any other of the many names for the disciplines, the main purpose of the Grove Clinic is reflected in the philosophy of its founder Monika, who focuses on the client's needs rather than any specific treatment type. Her broad training and experience allows her to combine a number of different treatments specifically focussed on the needs of the client rather than any particular skill of the therapist.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias can often be treated effectively by using both the Emotional Freedom Technique and Psychological Kinesiology (Klinghardt Method). The combining of these two amazing methods has proven extremely beneficial in the treatment of fears and phobias, with quick results. In some cases, regression to a 'past life' was carried out (with the client's consent) to find out where the phobia came from.


Acupuncture has come more and more into focus for being able to assist couples who are facing problems with conceiving. The number of women who come into my practice for fertility treatment has increased noticeably during the past two years. Some of them chose to have alternative treatment instead of IVF, others "support" IVF with acupuncture.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

It is at least, far less risky and definitely the healthier approach to tackle the fine lines and wrinkles life inscribes on our faces. (Not to mention a lot less expensive!)

Bunion Treatment

Our feet - they carry us through life, don't they? We take them for granted most of the time. We only start to take notice when something is wrong with them.