Grove Wellness Clinic

Maintaining Wellness

Thorough health check


Each year we are obliged to take our cars for an MOT; it gets a thorough health check, and if something is wrong, we get it fixed right away before it becomes a real problem.

But when it comes to our own health we seem to be far less disciplined. We tend only to see a doctor or therapist when we feel something isn't right, or we have some specific symptom or other. In fact sometimes we can even find ourselves creating a reason to see them, as we feel we cannot waste their time unless we have a very specific symptom.

Relaxed and refreshed

This can lead to our not seeing someone without first feeling an obligation to have a specific problem beforehand.

Why then do we not give ourselves at least as much attention as we would give to our car by having a regular "Wellbeing MOT" ourselves?

An hour and a half of "me" time can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards, without having the pressure to have something "wrong" with you.


Why not book a regular Wellbeing MOT which includes:
- Gentle Spinal Therapy and Back/Neck/Shoulder massage
- Foot massage
- Re-establishing your emotional balance (using techniques like Psychological Kinesiology, EFT etc)
- Acupuncture (if required)

You determine how often you want to enjoy 90 minutes of me-time: once a year (Bronze standard), every 6 (Silver) or 3 months (Gold).