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About Monika

Monika Becker H.P.
BSYA (Kin.) (Cur. Hyp)

Professional Title

Born in Munich, Germany. My professional German designation is "Heilpraktikerin", for which the nearest English translation is "trained natural therapist".

Years of training

Health regulations in Germany are very strict. So, unless you are a doctor or dentist, you are not allowed to treat people until you have passed the complying test at the local Health Authorities after several years of training.

This test consists of two parts, the first a written test on human medicine. Having passed this test successfully, you are invited to a practical test and an interview with M.D.s. They then decide, based on the result of the theoretical test and on how you were acting in practice, if you have passed or not.


I qualified in March 2000, after almost 5 years "after-office-training"  in an institute for 'Heilpraktiker' and alternative therapies in Munich. I had been working in the Export Department of a car manufacturer since 1981, but my interest always was set on health matters and alternative therapies. I enjoy helping people by making them feel better, and my highest principle is to grant the patient the best possible treatment. This implies the combination of  "conventional" treatment based on human medicine whenever necessary as well as alternative therapies, i.e. complementary medicine - the co-operation and interaction between M.D. and alternative therapist.

I have just completed my course as a Personal Coach (ILS Germany).

Best possible result

In early 2001, I opened my first practice on the outskirts of Munich, and shortly after a second one in Munich. In November 2002, my destiny changed and I moved to England.  My aim is to treat people holistically, so I try to combine the individual therapy methods to achieve the best possible result.