Grove Wellness Clinic

Fertility Treatment


Problems with conceiving

Acupuncture has come more and more into focus for being able to assist couples who are facing problems with conceiving. The number of women who come into my practice for fertility treatment has increased noticeably during the past two years. Some of them chose to have alternative treatment instead of IVF, others "support" IVF with acupuncture.

Less intrusive than IVF!

The treatment involves just a few needles in the appropriate acupuncture points, accompanied by a gentle, soothing foot massage. And - it is much cheaper and less intrusive than IVF!
However, it is not always women who benefit from the treatment.

Low sperm count

Men with a low sperm count or other problems with their "masculinity" can be treated.

An example of one of our cases:

A lady in her early 40s came to see me because she was desperate for a second child. After three miscarriages she had almost lost her hope for a baby girl. She booked a course of acupuncture treatment, one hour per week. After two months she fell pregnant. She continued her treatments for another four months, to make sure the body wouldn't reject the foetus again. Now, she is in week 23, carrying a baby girl and very happy!