Grove Wellness Clinic




Q: Does acupuncture hurt?
A: It depends very much on where in the body the needles are applied. There are areas where the "prick" is felt more than anywhere else. Also, it is likely that - when the needle has been applied - there is a sensation, such as a tingling, a dull pressure or similar. In acupuncture terms, this sensation is called "A-shi" and is a good sign that the needle is in the right spot.

Q: What does non-surgical bunion treatment involve?
A: Basically, it is a combination of acupuncture, manual manipulation and massage. As bunions are in most cases on the "Spleen/Pancreas-Meridian", a few needles are inserted in selected acupuncture points along this meridian. During the first few treatments, the insertion of the needles might be a bit inconvenient. Most clients do not feel much discomfort after the third or fourth session.

Q: How much does the treatment cost?
A: As every client and their needs require a different approach, I am happy to offer a free* consultation (approx half an hour) to learn to know each other and to discuss the individual requirements of a client. Certain treatments, e.g. bunion- or fertility treatment require a number of consecutive sessions. Therefore I am happy to offer a 10% discount for 10 sessions when paid in advance.
(* when you book in for treatment. Initial consultation fee is £20)

Q: Is acupuncture always required?
A: No. Some clients are not comfortable with the idea of having needles stuck in them. I am always happy to find an alternative approach, whenever possible.

Q: What is the success rate of fertility treatment?
A: My personal success rate is approx 85%.

Q: Do you offer any other treatments?
A: Yes. Although I specialise in fertility treatment, non-surgical bunion removal and fears/phobias, I am trained in a number of therapies. Please feel free to discuss any health problems you might suffer