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Bunion Treatment

Treat your feet


Our feet - they carry us through life, don't they? We take them for granted most of the time. We only start to take notice when something is wrong with them.

Just a few minutes of attention can help to avoid most common problems. Many of us suffer from heavy and swollen feet and ankles - very often during the summer months, but also after a day's worth of combat-shopping... In many cases, congestion of the lymphatic system is to blame.

Bunions - a thing of the past?

A more serious problem for some is bunions. The gorgeous gown at a wedding or party looks even nicer with strappy sandals, but often these can only remain a dream for sufferers, and buying shoes in general might turn into a challenge.

In many cases, however, bunions can successfully be treated with a course of acupuncture combined with massage. Depending on the grade of deformation, five to ten sessions can make a big difference!

A lady who was working as a carer for the elderly at that time came into my practice, asking if I could "sort out" the bunions on both her feet. She was in a lot of pain and discomfort, especially in the evenings and she wanted to be able to wear heels again. After three sessions, she could feel an improvement - the pain had considerably

diminished. After four more sessions, the bunions had almost completely disappeared and she was finally able to wear her heels. This was 3 years ago. Since then, she comes for a "maintenance" session, every 3 to 6 months.
Another lady client who was a ballet dancer in her youth experienced a similar effect - her toes have straightened considerably, and she was free of pain after just 4 sessions.

The Treatment

The manual manipulation accompanying the acupuncture targets any calcifications in the joints of the big toes and helps to release the excess mineral deposits from the joints. Tendons and ligaments will be stretched and exercised so that they are able to support the affected joints.

The application of very thin needles in certain acupuncture points along the affected meridian - mainly located on the feet - will help to get rid of any blockages in the Spleen/Pancreas Chi ("life energy"). Some of the points may be a bit sensitive at first, but experience shows that after the first session it will be less niggly and the benefit is already likely to be noticed. Your feet will thank you.