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Fears & Phobias

Treated effectively

Freedom Technique and Psychological Kinesiology

Fears and Phobias can often be treated effectively by using both the Emotional Freedom Technique and Psychological Kinesiology (Klinghardt Method). The combining of these two amazing methods has proven extremely beneficial in the treatment of fears and phobias, with quick results. In some cases, regression to a 'past life' was carried out (with the client's consent) to find out where the phobia came from.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also sometimes called MET - Meridian Energy Technique) is basically a routine that involves rhythmic tapping of certain acupressure points on the body. This also applies to Psychological Kinesiology, but therapists also use eye movement and colour glasses in certain cases, together with conventional muscle testing.

Some examples of actual results are described below:

An eight year old boy was afraid of water, especially that his head might go under the surface. He also had problems with wetting the bed. The reason for his fear was found in a past life where he was subjected to torture. After two hourly sessions he was comfortable with water and did not wet the bed anymore.

A 12 year old boy was afraid of dogs. After one session he was not afraid anymore and wanted a doggy of his own.

A young man in his late 20s was terrified of wasps. He runs his own cafe with lovely cakes, and wasps are an 'occupational hazard', as they say. He never got stung, and the reason for his fear could be found in a past life. After one hour treatment he was fine, and wasps are no longer making his daily life hell.

A gentleman in his early 40s was unhappy as he could not find "the right woman". During the session he regressed to a past life where he had found and sadly lost love. We disconnected him from this traumatic experience and a few months after his treatment he found happiness.

Some feel uncomfortable

Many people are very sceptical about past-life therapy. Some feel uncomfortable and fear that they might discover something "horrible" or "terrifying". So far, I have had one case where the client chose to go to the "darkest corner" of his past. He was a highly intelligent, but troubled young man with a liking for the dark forces. He regressed to a past as a medieval sorcerer with no good intentions and was publicly executed as a result. He chose to go through the regression and found the whole experience very exciting. This experience changed his life - he embarked on a completely different way of life, studied hard and is now a successful graduate engineer.